Monday, November 25, 2019

Neighbors Are Baffled Why Man Bludgeoned His Friendly Dog To Death With A Rock

A man from Melrose, Massachusetts is being charged with a crime so sickening that the Police Chief is speaking out about it. Police say 44-year-old Adam Crook faces animal cruelty charges after he allegedly killed his dog by bludgeoning him with a rock over and over and then burying the body in his yard.
“This suspect’s alleged actions are absolutely reprehensible and inexcusable,” Police Chief Michael Lyle stated.

Crook’s neighbors spoke to media, sharing the family had two very friendly dogs and are confused by this crime. Crook did not stop after beating the dog to death with a rock, as he then dragged the dog outside, got a shovel and buried him in the backyard.
Thanks to investigators obtaining a search warrant, the dog’s body was exhumed. Crook is expected to be arraigned in district court soon. We are grateful to the authorities who got involved.

More about this story can be seen in the video below.
Feature photo: Vincent van Zalinge/Unsplash

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