Friday, November 29, 2019

We Found This Dog In A Box

Joris was found in a box by two boys who happened to pass by and they asked someone for help. The photo was then sent to us and we knew this dog needed help. He was taken to the vet immediately and was checked for health problems. Thankfully he was doing ok and a foster stepped up to take care of him. He was a little confused in the beginning and did not quite know what to expect, but soon he understood that he was safe and that a new life had started for him.
As soon as a dog understands this, his whole demeanor changes, as does the look in his eyes. Joris was so happy with all the love and attention and enjoyed every minute of it. His visits to the beach and playtime in the yard were his favorite and soon we saw that he was ready for a forever home.
Joris is now living an amazing life and we are grateful for the donations we receive to help dogs like him. Please consider donating so we can continue to fight animal abuse and give dogs a better life.

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