Monday, December 23, 2019

Abused, Sick Senior Dog Wanders Through The Rainstorm In Search Of A New Home

A Philadelphia homeowner named Jack Jokinen was surprised to find an abandoned senior dog sobbing inside his home after a heavy rainstorm. His doors were locked during the storm, so he wondered how the drenched dog managed to walk in for shelter.

Source: @JJFromTheBronx/Twitter
A quick review of the security footage revealed that Jack had accidentally left his door open, which helped the distressed dog get in. A concerned neighbor later saw the open door and shut it close, which locked the dog indoors! Now that the mystery was solved, Jack and his wife were heartbroken to see the dog’s skeletal state and decided to take him to the vet.
The neglected dog was found to be suffering from dental problems, among many other age-related illnesses. The poor girl was so terrified of her plight that she would start crying every time Jack left the room. He instantly knew he had to adopt her, even though he already had a dog and a toddler to care for!

Source: @JJFromTheBronx/Twitter
Jack has now named the 9-year-old dog Suzy and believes that she was meant to find his home on that dark night. Suzy is already getting along with George, the family’s other dog. She thanks her stars for this wonderful miracle that helped her find a warm and cozy home before Christmas. Meanwhile, if you have any information on the previous owners who abandoned her, do reach out to the authorities. Get the word out.
Click the video below to watch how Suzy found herself the perfect home in a Christmas miracle!

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