Monday, December 2, 2019

Ignored At Shelter Due To Crooked Snout, He Yearned For Someone To See His Beauty

The shelter that Mosley was staying at wasn’t sure if people would want to adopt him because of his crooked snout, but when they posted a picture of him on social media, he instantly had hundreds of admirers.
Mosley may look different, but he’s loving and playful just like any ‘normal’ dog. He has a very bubbly and sweet personality and loves every person and dog that he meets.
Couple Lindsey and Anson’s dog passed away a few years ago and they weren’t sure if they were ready for another dog, but once they laid eyes on Mosley’s photos, they fell in love.
Since he was very popular on social media, they knew they didn’t have much time to make a decision on adopting him or else someone else would. So Lindsey convinced Anson to meet him. After a ten-minute meet-and-greet, they quickly decided to add him to their family!
Mosley was overlooked at his previous shelter, due to his birth defect, but Lindsey and Anson saw the beauty in him. Although it’s unknown where he came from, they believe he had a loving home at some point since he knows basic commands and is potty-trained.
Mosley has since proven to be the perfect addition to their family. Their kids, along with their cat, have fallen in love with Mosley, and their family thinks it was meant to be.
Watch Mosley and his new family in the video below:

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