Sunday, December 22, 2019

Man Prepares Food For 80 Homeless Dogs Each Day In A Mission To Help Them Survive

When Michael J. Baines left his home in Sweden to work in a restaurant in Thailand, he had no idea that he was going to change the lives of so many stray dogs. It all began when Michael met a skinny stray mama dog carrying her newborn puppies. Michael’s heart ached at the sight of the pitiful family and he decided to feed them daily.

Source: Perce Blue/YouTube
Caring for the stray puppies was a revelation for Michael. He realized the ugly truth about the homeless street dogs – there was absolutely no one to look out for them. Without proper food or medicines, the street dogs starved, suffered and died all alone.
Soon, Michael launched a personal mission to feed the stray dogs in and around his neighborhood. He started preparing an enormous amount of dog food every day. He would load it in his car and distribute it among 80 homeless dogs in different locations, 3 times a day!

Source: Perce Blue/YouTube
Michael has been tirelessly feeding the dogs for over 5 years now. He has also started providing them medical care and adoption assistance. He is disturbed by the fact that many of these dogs were dumped because their owners didn’t find them “cute” anymore. If you wish to support Michael’s noble crusade, you can donate on his website here. Let’s spread the word and help these homeless dogs have a decent life.
Click the video below to watch the wonderful work Michael does every single day for these homeless dogs!

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