Thursday, December 19, 2019

Owner Ties Senior Dog To A Railing & Abandons Him Just 2 Days After Adopting Him

A South Philadelphia shelter is begging people to consider adopting their senior dog named Max. Max was previously adopted by a family, but they abandoned him just 2 days after taking him home. Poor Max was found tied to a railing in a cold street at night. He expressed his heartbreak through fearful cries.

Source: phillyfostersiblings/Instagram
One of the shelter’s workers immediately recognized Max and rescued him. She contacted Max’s owners, but they immediately expressed their unwillingness to keep the senior dog. While the shelter is frustrated over the family’s irresponsible behavior, they are more concerned about Max’s future.
Max needs to be adopted soon. If he remains “unwanted” in the coming days, he will be put down. Workers say Max loves kids and would do well in a home with no other pets. To help any future adopter, the shelter has raised over $2,000 via a GoFundMe page toward Max’s medical care.

Source: FOX 29
Max is currently under foster care. If you wish to adopt him, you can reach out to South Jersey Freedom Ranch on their Instagram page here. Max’s heart is filled with infinite love and he’s looking for a family that won’t let him down. Let’s spread the word and help him find a true forever home!
Click the video below to watch Max dressed up in his best clothes as he pleads for a loving home!

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