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Superstitious Owners Burn Dog’s Snout With Red-Hot Iron, Throw Him On The Street

The rescue group “Howl Of A Dog” was on a spay-neuter campaign in a village in Romania when they encountered a friendly dog named Remy. Remy had a very nasty burn scar above his nose and the workers wondered what kind of torture a sweet dog like him could have suffered.
The workers’ hearts broke when they learned that Remy was a victim of the ignorant villagers’ superstitious beliefs. Remy’s previous owners burned his snout with a red-hot iron as they believed that it would heal him from all diseases. But Remy still loved his owners with all his heart.

Source: Howl Of A Dog/YouTube
Eventually, the owners ended up abandoning Remy because he was “useless”. Most of the villagers see dogs as a “tools” for hunting or minding livestock. For them, a friendly dog like Remy is seen as a liability. But even after ending up on the streets, the poor dog kept begging strangers for love.
After seeing that Remy had no future in the village, the rescue workers decided to whisk him away to the city. Remy was overjoyed to find himself at the shelter in the company of other dogs. He now has a warm place to sleep and toys of his own!

Source: Howl Of A Dog/YouTube
Remy has lived a rough life waiting for the abusive people around him to love him back. Unfortunately, there aren’t many takers for this scarred dog locally. His rescuers are now willing to assist international adoptions for this special boy. If you’re interested in adopting him, you can visit the shelter’s website here. Let’s spread the word and help sweet Remy find his forever home!
Click the video below to watch Remy’s heartwarming rescue from his lonely existence in the village!

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