Thursday, February 6, 2020

China Gives Owners 5 Days To Kill 10k Innocent Pets To “Contain” Coronavirus

Pet owners in China are rendered helpless after authorities have issued a decree ordering the slaughter of over 10,000 pets due to the coronavirus outbreak. This happened after a local doctor asked infected patients and pets to be quarantined. But it soon took the form of a rumor claiming that “pets can spread coronavirus”.

Source: Chotthanin Udomwariyawat/Freerange | ArmbrustAnna/Pixabay
As the hoax caused people to panic, authorities quickly demanded the public to get rid of their pets. As per the issued order, owners now have a 5 day ultimatum to “deal with” their pets, or the authorities will come and “handle” them. The pet markets have also been instructed to stop their operations.
As per a recent update on coronavirus, 213 people have already lost their lives due to the deadly pandemic. Doctors have advised the citizens and the pets to wear special masks at all times to prevent being infected by this highly contagious virus. Sadly, many panicked owners were seen brutally tossing their dogs from towers over virus suspicions.

Source: ambadysasi/Pixabay | petto123/Pixabay
In the wake of this order fueled by the rumor, WHO authorities have come forward to clarify that there is no evidence of coronavirus infection in cats and dogs. Local pet owners are now asking for support from people around the world to help them fight this unfair decree. Let’s become one voice and protest this atrocious decree!
Click the video below to watch how this sickening order threatens the lives of thousands of pets in China!

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