Sunday, February 2, 2020

Man Gets Out On Bail After Beating Innocent Dog With A Hammer & Meat Cleaver

According to the James City County Police, a man left a dog ‘bleeding excessively’ inside a Norfolk, VA home after hitting him with a hammer.
The woman inside the home told officers that during an argument, Robertson hit her black Pit bull with a hammer and cut his back with a meat cleaver.
The dog was rushed to a nearby animal hospital for treatment.
Robertson wasn’t home at the time, but dogs were heard barking inside.
Robertson is currently out on bail, but is facing felony animal cruelty charges, thanks to Tommie’s Law, which makes all animal cruelty a felony charge in Virginia.
The law is named ‘Tommie’s Law’ in honor of the dog who died after being tied to a pole and set on fire in Richmond’s Abner Clay Park.
Outrage over Tommie’s death prompted Virginia lawmakers to pass the law. Before the law was passed, the suspect would only face a felony charge if the animal wound up dying as a result of abuse.

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