Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Man Fractures Dog’s Shoulder & Paw Because She Took His Sandwich

Luna has no range of motion in her shoulder and is unable to any pressure on her left paw. When Officer Nicholas Sturgeon was called out to investigate the injured dog, he knew there was a problem immediately on arrival.
According to 28-year-old Katherine M. Thompson from Erie, Pennsylvania, she found the dog as a stray. Later, Thompson admitted she lied and told police what really happened to the poor dog.

Source: Girard Borough Police Department/Facebook
Luna apparently swiped a sandwich from one of the people who lived in the house with Thompson. In response, 22-year-old Dylan R. Curtis threw the dog on the ground outside. The dog suffered a fractured shoulder and left leg abrasion.
Thompson claims she tried to contact a veterinarian because the dog was in pain but she could not afford the costs. Sadly, Thompson allowed Luna to suffer for two weeks before lying to the police.

Source: Girard Borough Police Department/Facebook
On a happy note, Officer Sturgeon decided to adopt Luna. She underwent surgery, treatment, and is undergoing physical rehab for her injuries.
Thompson and Curtis received two counts for aggravated cruelty of animals and a count for neglect of animals by not providing vet care. They were released on a $5,000 bond and will both face trial.

Source: Girard Borough Police Department/Facebook
Thanks to Officer Sturgeon for being so special!

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