Sunday, March 8, 2020

Pit Bull Found Padlocked To A Tree So Tightly, He Was Unable To Move An Inch

Kerry Haney of Don’t Bully Us Rescue was sitting at home one night relaxing when she started receiving lots of calls and texts about a Pit Bull found in the most horrific situation.
The dog was found in the owner’s yard tied to a tree so tightly he was unable to move his head. He had no food or water but wouldn’t have been able to reach it even if he did. The volunteer rescuer arrived to the address still in her pajamas to try to talk it over with the owner.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue
But when she got there, she saw no dog. She then contacted the police who said they were aware of the situation and doing everything possible to ensure the dog’s safety. All Kerry could do now was sit and wait a few days while the police did what they had to do to remove the dog from the property.
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