Sunday, April 19, 2020

Overexcited Dog Adorably Freaks Out When Dad Tells Him Where They’re Going

When Dad called out to Captain the Pug to get into the car, Captain unwittingly hopped into the car and let Dad fasten the seat belt as he geared up for a regular ride. Imagine his sweet surprise when he realized that he was actually being driven to his favorite hangout spot – a PetSmart outlet!

Source: jkapper11/Rumble
Captain is an absolute wreck of emotions in this video as he tries to process his happiness at the sight of the pet store. The excited boy starts screaming at the top of his lungs and leaps about in the car with his seatbelt still on!
It’s hilarious to watch Captain going all starry-eyed at Dad with his over-expressive meltdown in the car. He barks, howls and smiles in anticipation, all at the same time, knowing that an adventurous day awaits him at the pet store.

Source: jkapper11/Rumble
When Dad finally steps out of the car with Captain, things escalate quickly for the adorable Pug. He can barely hold himself back as he jumps and sniffs the path along the way to the store’s door. The moment he walks into the store, he sees the racks filled with irresistible pet goodies and loses it yet again!

Source: jkapper11/Rumble
Many viewers believe that Captain’s over-dramatic meltdown in the car is his unique way of saying “I Love You” to his dad. What a charming boy! Watch this video till the end to enjoy Captain’s adorably enthusiastic freak out along the aisles of the store!
Click the video below to watch Captain’s hysterical reaction when he finds himself at the pet store!

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