Tuesday, April 21, 2020

She Got Cancer From Sun Exposure After Family Moved & Left Her Behind In Yard

When Roxy’s owners moved away, they abandoned her and left her in their yard. She was left confused and heartbroken as to why her family didn’t take her with them. She waited every day for them to come back, but they never would.
When the new tenants moved in, they discovered Roxy in the yard. Sadly, from being in the hot sun with no shelter, her ears were badly burned and developed skin cancer from the constant sun exposure.
Luckily, she was rescued by Sidewalk Specials, who rushed her to a vet for treatment. She underwent surgeries to remove the cancer from her ears, but was otherwise healthy.
From there, she went on to live with a foster, where she loved to play with her foster siblings.
Sadly, all of her foster siblings got adopted except for her. She began to wonder why no one wanted her.
Sadly, older dogs are often overlooked because of their age, but thankfully Roxy finally found a loving family who was willing to accept her. She was adopted by a nice family, and now she has a new furry sibling to play with.
Roxy may be older, but she is still full of life. It’s never too late to change an old dog’s life!
Watch Roxy’s journey in the video below:

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