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Dog Saves Man From Committing Suicide, He Then Passes Away In The Man’s Arms

 Byron Taylor was at the lowest point in his life when he decided to take his own life. He was traumatized after the end of a bad relationship, and he took to drinking. Soon, he hit rock-bottom on the professional front and lost all his savings. Depressed and penniless, the man wrote a heartfelt note to his parents and prepared a noose to end his life.

Source: Daily Mail


However, Byron had no idea that his 6-year-old Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff, Geo, had caught on to his dreadful plan. Despite being a gentle and mild-mannered dog, Geo boldly confronted his heartbroken dad. The dog snatched the noose and chewed it up, and snarled angrily every time Byron tried to retrieve the noose.

As Byron saw the destroyed noose, he came to his senses! He broke down as he realized Geo’s desperate attempts to save his life. He hugged his dog tight and discarded his suicide plans for good! Since then, Byron was gradually able to put his life back together.


Source: Daily Mail


Byron was convinced he had found his happy ending, but a brutal development gutted him completely. Geo got sick with an aggressive form of brain tumor that was untreatable and inoperable. The poor dog had just weeks to live, but Byron was not ready to let him do.

For the next few days, Byron was preoccupied with worries over elongating Geo’s life. But when he accepted that the dog’s death was inevitable, he resolved to keep his buddy happy and pain-free during his final days. Geo peacefully passed away in his dad’s arms within 2 months of his fatal diagnosis.


Source: Daily Mail

Geo stood like a rock when his dad was going through a crisis, and there’s nothing that can ever replace that. Byron still misses his furry hero every single day. He has honored Geo’s life by emotionally sharing his vulnerable story with the world. This faithful dog’s memories will live on forever!

Click the video below to watch Byron recounting how Geo saved his life when he was suicidal.

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