Sunday, October 25, 2020

Dog Panics & Goes Into Hiding For 8 Months After Family Moved & Left Her Behind

 Hope For Paws received a call regarding an abandoned dog at an auto shop who was sadly left behind by her owners when they moved out eight months ago.

When rescuers arrived, they gave her food to try and gain her trust, but she was still very timid. She kept hiding under things, and whenever rescuers would try to get close to her, she would leave her hiding spot and find another one.

But the rescuers refused to give up. They knew this baby needed help and wanted to be rescued, but she was just too scared to let it happen.

Eventually, they were able to get a gentle snare around her neck, but she was frozen in fear so it was hard for them to bring her to safety.

Once they got her out from her hiding spot, they put her in a crate. The auto shop employees helped them carry the crate into the car, and then they brought her to CARES for a medical evaluation and a much-needed bath since she was covered in motor oil.

Andrew Rosenthal and LA Dogworks helped train and socialize the pup, who is now named Blue Bayou.

Blue Bayou is no longer scared and is a very happy and playful pup. She is now searching for her forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting this sweet girl, please contact:

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