Thursday, October 8, 2020

Man Looking For His Lost Puppy Stumbles Upon A Sealed Aquarium And Looks Inside

 Hinds County resident Matt Williamson was looking for his lost dog in a nearby creek when he spotted a suspicious 50-gallon aquarium sitting by the side of a bridge. As the man inched closer to inspect the fish tank, he witnessed something absolutely diabolical – 2 puppies were quivering in a cramped chamber of the aquarium, with the lid cemented shut to make sure they die a slow, “noiseless” death.

Source: Mississippi Animal Rescue League/Facebook


Matt immediately called the authorities to the spot, and they carefully removed the cement to rescue the drowning puppies. Matt noticed that throughout this painful ordeal, the male puppy had his tiny paw wrapped around his scared sister as he desperately tried to comfort and protect her.

Source: Mississippi Animal Rescue League/Facebook


The puppies were running a fever due to the prolonged stressful situation, so they were handed over to the staff at Mississippi Animal Rescue League for further care. After a few days of vital treatment, the puppies are now doing okay. They have been named Dak and Daisy, and are still very fearful of humans. In fact, Dak always keeps his sister close to him to make sure she is safe.


Source: New York Daily News/YouTube


The traumatized siblings are being kept in an isolation room to keep their stress levels low, and they will undergo socialization exercises in the days to come. Meanwhile, the cops are investigating the matter in hopes of finding the ruthless owner who left the puppies to die in the sealed aquarium. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch Dak and Daisy’s frightful plight after being abandoned in a sealed aquarium.

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