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Woman Throws A Puppy At A Man, He Refuses To Give It Back And Shares How Happy The Doggy Is Now

 Another bizarre Karen incident has just gone viral. On Friday night, rapper Glomula posted a video that showed a white woman holding a puppy and preventing him from getting back into his car.

As the woman walked towards him in the middle of the street, she began telling him that “he’s black” and became more and more confrontational. Finally, when Glomula asked why she held the dog in such an unsafe manner, the woman violently threw the pup at him, obviously hurting the poor critter.

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Warning: The video contains animal harm and strong language

During the incident, the woman directly referred to the man’s race as she paced around with the dog in her arms

The good news is, Glomula kept the dog

A new Instagram photo and series of stories on his account show the pup is in much better hands

Image credits: mulaflare

Image credits: Mulaflare

The rapper named his new pet Movie

Image credits: mulaflare

Image credits: mulaflare

Glomula also set up a GoFundMe, with an initial goal of $3,000, to take care of Movie’s immediate needs and ongoing care

Image credits: mulaflare

Because of the viral video (23 million views on Twitter and 2.5 million views on Instagram), it reached enough people who wanted to ensure the puppy has a high-quality life

Image credits: Mulaflare

The fundraiser was fully secured in less than eight hours

Image credits: Mulaflare

The rapper even started an Instagram account for his new pet, where the little fella has already amassed over 220,000 followers

Image credits: movieflare

We should determine whether or not we can take care of a dog before getting one. Then nobody would have to throw them at strangers in order to get rid of them. “Time is the most important thing,” Rachel Spencer, the creator of The Paw Post pet blog, told hydogs. “To be a parent, you need to be there for your dog, especially puppies where it is round the clock, but even with an older dog, it’s recommended you take at least two weeks off work to settle them in.”

Then, you need to consider who will look after the pooch when you have to go away. Spencer suggests asking yourself will you have a dog walker, sitter, or a friend or relative come to care for them. You can also consider daycare. But then keep in mind it is going to be around other dogs. “A young dog may feel overwhelmed or an older dog who may need more quiet time could feel very stressed in a busy daycare.”

Image credits: movieflare

“What if your pet falls ill? Can you pay for treatment? Can you pay monthly insurance costs? Do you like going on lots of holidays abroad? You’ll need to factor in paying for your pet to be cared for into the cost of your holiday,” Spencer continued.

“Do you own or rent your property? If you rent, will your landlord allow pets? It would be devastating to welcome a dog into your home then have to give it up. Even if you own your flat, there could be a clause in the lease saying no pets.”

Image credits: movieflare

Basically, it comes down to you being able to include your pet in every part of your life. Including weekends when you’re away for work, nights out, and holidays. “Your dog is part of your family.”

“Finally, do you mind being covered in dog hair, slobber, your best shoes and handbags being chewed, and waking up to ‘accidents’ in the small hours?” Spencer asked. If the answer to this and all the above questions is yes, you’re probably going to be a great dog parent.

Image credits: movieflare

Here’s what people said about the whole ordeal

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Image credits: helenaalexo

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P.S. According to Know Your Meme, Karen is a slang term used as an antagonistic female character. It became really popular in 2020, when the term was broadly applied to a swath of white women who had been filmed harassing people of color, including dialing the emergency services on them for no criminal reason.

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