Thursday, November 19, 2020

Man Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Help Depressed Blind Pup Get Happy

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Caring for a blind dog can be a challenge, but devoted owners of blind pets know that time, love, and dedication are the keys to helping them adapt. Dogs thrive on routine, and blind dogs are the same way. Just because they no longer have vision doesn’t mean they can’t do things. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs sense changes in footing just like people do.

Source: Rocky Kanaka/YouTube

Doormats can help blind dogs find a door and nonslip rugs or runners can assist blind dogs who walk or run on hardwood floors indoors. Rocky Kanaka is the proud owner of a blind puppy, and he recently had an issue with getting the sweet pooch to go places. The little Cane Corso pup was a bit apprehensive about walking, as he was likely scared to move. Rocky figured out the most precious way to give his blind pup some confidence.

In his video, Rocky explains he takes things slow, puts his pup on a leash, and they visit the local doggy bakery. “He doesn’t realize that all these treats are there just waiting for him,” Rocky says as his camera pans the baked goods display case. So Rocky gets some yummy dog treats and puts them near his blind dog’s nose.

Source: Rocky Kanaka/YouTube

Within seconds, the precious pup gets a whiff of the snacks and is rewarded with a yummy treat. Rocky reminded everyone that dogs like Kobe deserve to be adopted and loved, and we totally agree. Watch the video below to see this cutie pie in action.

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